photo of me

Hello! I’m Ryan Lodter. I’m a computer science student at The Ohio State University specializing in computer systems. I type curly braces and semicolons a lot.



  • The Ohio State University
    • Major: B.S. in Computer Science specializing in computer systems
    • Projected graduation: August 2022
    • Completed relevant coursework: Operating Systems, Intro to Low-Level Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Development and Design (Java), Statistics for Engineers, Calculus 2


  • Mario 1-1
    • Built using C#, MonoGame, Azure DevOps
    • Worked with a team of 5 students using Agile methodologies
    • I specifically implemented physics and an XML representation of the level
  • Reddit Blacklist Chrome Extension
    • Built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    • Chrome extension that blocks posts from specified subreddits from appearing in r/Popular
    • Uses CSS and JavaScript to implement UI with dark mode
  • Date Difference Calcuator
    • Built using Python
    • CLT that takes in two dates and outputs the difference in days.
  • Latin Translate Tool
    • Built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    • Web app that converts Latin text into a clickable document which links to definition of each word
  • Trading Alforithm
    • Built using Python, Quantopian
    • Trading algorithm entered into Quantopian’s contest
    • Uses regression model to predict stock movements

Programming Skills

  • Languages
    • Java, C#, C, Objective-C, Swift, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Technologies
    • Unix, SwiftUI, Git, JUnit, Agile


  • The Ohio State University
    • Resident Advisor: August 2020 - Present
      • Manage 35 residents and plan community events
    • Student Assistant Scanner: October 2018 - Present
      • Scan and input administrative files into university database

You can email me here: r.lodter@gmail.com.